Public School 13

“Be the Best You Can Be”

Construction on a school building for Public School 13 began in 1979 and the school opened just two years later, in December of 1981. It was named as the M. L. Lindemeyer School, after Staten Island community activist Margaret Lindemeyer. The school's building was constructed to replace the original Public School 13, also known as the Rosebank School, which was built in 1888 and demolished in the first half of the twentieth century. Public School 13 is located at 191 Vermont Avenue, in the current neighborhood of Clifton.

Public School 13 educates children from grades pre-kindergarten through fifth, with the addition of special education classes. Its motto is “Be the Best You Can Be”. The school offers test preparation classes, that take place after school. There are also programs which challenges the students’ creativity and self-discipline.

Public School 13 Staten Island