Public School 20

“It Takes A World of Differences To Make A Different World”

The original school building for Public School 20 was built in 1891, at 160 Heberton Avenue. It was named The Port Richmond School in 1916, after the neighborhood it is located in. In 1988, it was designated as a New York City landmark and this building came to be known as P.S. 20’s annex. The main building was constructed next to the original and given 161 Park Avenue as its address. The school was later renamed as The Christy J. Cugini Port Richmond School, after a former superintendent.

P.S. 20’s slogan is “It Takes a World of Differences to Make a Different World.” Public School 20 has classes for kindergarteners up until the fifth grade, in addition to offering special education classes. Living up to the motto, P.S. 20 offers a number of special programs and activities for students: CookShop Program, Art Club, Journalism Club, and Book of the Month program.

Public School 20 NYC

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