Public School 22

"We set the highest goals to allow each member of the school to reach their ultimate potential!"

The original building for Public School 22 was assembled in 1894, on the eastern side of Richmond Avenue. The site in which the building was originally located on is currently home to the Forest Promenade shopping plaza. About a decade into the twentieth century, the school was given a new building, further northwest. Its current address is 1860 Forest Avenue, in the neighborhood of Graniteville. On March 22, 1916, Public School 22 was designated as The Graniteville School.

Public School 22 teaches children from pre-kindergarten all the way up until the fifth grade. It also has special education classes available for students. After-school programs offered by the school include the Virtual Y, City Lights, student council, and chorus. In fact, P.S. 22 has been made famous due to its well-established chorus group.

Public School 22 Staten Island