Public School 23

"Committed to Inspire, Guide, Assist, and Support!"

The original school building for Public School 23 was located in the neighborhood of Mariner’s Harbor.  Contrary to its name, the school did not have much to do with the current P.S. 23. In fact, the current building for Public School 23 was constructed in 1963 to replace P.S. 28, which was located nearby. The address for Public School 23 is 30 Natick Street, in the neighborhood of Richmondtown. Due to its location, the school has been entitled as, The Richmondtown School.

Public School 23 teaches students from pre-kindergarten through the fifth grade, in addition to those enrolled in special education classes. The school offers many programs, such as science and social studies fairs, project arts, and spelling/math bees. There are also a number of after-school programs: cheerleading, cooking, chess, math games, photography, scouting, carnivals, and Special Olympics.

Public School 23 Staten Island