Public School 32

Go Gifford Gators!

Public School 32 was originally located at 14 Osgood Avenue, on Staten Island’s North Shore. The building was constructed by Grymes Hill in 1901 and was designated in 1916 as The Grymes School. By 1940, the school building was being used by Roosevelt’s Works Progress Administration, also known as the Work Projects Administration. A couple of decades later, a new school building was constructed for Public School 32, but this building was located further south, in the Great Kills neighborhood. This is the current building used for the school, and it is located at 32 Elverton Avenue. This new school has been designated as The Gifford School.

Public School 32 teaches pre-kindergarten to fifth grade, and special education. It has a number of unique programs and activities for its students: music programs, Annual Read Aloud Day, Hands-on Science, and World Language. There are also many extracurricular activities available, such as chorus, cheerleading, Latch Key, arts and crafts, and Strategies for Success for reading and math.

Public School 32 Staten Island