Public School 36

The John C. Drumgoole School

Public School 36 is composed of two buildings; the main building is located at 255 Ionia Avenue and the Annex building is located at 200 Jefferson Boulevard. Prior to the 1980s, the schools Annex was actually their main building, which was built around 1930. This school was named after the Roman Catholic priest who founded Mount Loretto in 1883- Father John C. Drumgoole. Today the main building is used for all grades except the third grade, which is now housed in the Annex.

Public School 36 provides education for children from Pre-Kindergarten to grade 5. This school also offers special education classes and has a Gifted & Talented program for second and third graders. Some of the exciting programs children can look forward to are the band, Latchkey, arts, and after-school activities. There are two playgrounds and a garden for the children to enjoy during lunchtime and after school. Teachers take their children out to the garden, which is located next to the Annex, for lessons and to maintain the garden.

Public School 36 Staten Island