George Cromwell

In 1955, Public School 38’s construction was completed creating a new elementary school for the area. The school was built at 421 Lincoln Avenue and still stands there today. By 1979 the school had to build a “temporary” annex, which is now a permanent part of the school, to fit all the students. The school is named after the first borough president of Staten Island, George Cromwell.

Today, the school has grades Pre-Kindergarten to fifth grade and special education classes. Public School 38 offers the Great Leaps program, Every Day Math, Early Success, Soar to Success, Reading Recovery, and Phonemic Phonic Awareness. They also have art programs, the Kiwanis Club Math and Spelling Bees, science fairs, annual food drives, and more. Along with all the programs they offer, they have a school yard, which is also a public playground called Midland Playground, where the children can play both during and after school.

Public School 38 Staten Island