Public School 4

“Builds P.R.I.D.E.”

Public School 4 was erected between 1983 and 1984 in the Arden Heights neighborhood. It was originally built to serve children in the Village Greens community, which is directly behind the school. P.S. 4 is located at 200 Nedra Lane, was named the Maurice Wollin School. Maurice Wollin became assistant superintendent of Staten Island’s schools in 1960 and later became district superintendent in 1965, a title he held for over a decade.

Public School 4 has classes for pre-kindergarten up until the fifth grade, and include special education programs. Its slogan is “P.S. 4 Builds P.R.I.D.E.”, which stands for Personality, Respect, Individuality, Dedication, and Energy. The school has a number of after-school programs which include arts and crafts, drama, academics, sports, and the Latch Key program. The school has also tried to implement the use of technology, adding at least one computer to each of their classrooms with Internet access.

Public School 4 Staten Island