Public School 42

"A Child's Bright Future is our Goal!"

At 380 Genesee Avenue and 25 Augusta Avenue you can find Public School 42 and its Annex. Public School 42’s main building was built in the mid-1920s and shortly after that they built the Annex. This school is named The Eltingville School, after the neighborhood in which it is located.

Public School 42 has classes for children from Pre-Kindergarten up until the fifth grade. This school also has special education classes, both separate and mixed. Some of the unique programs the children can look forward to are Reading Incentives, RSVP and DARE, Book of the Month Club, Spelling Bees, Band, Music for grades Kindergarten to second, and Social Studies and Science Fairs. If you child is looking for extracurricular activities, they will not miss any here. They have Author Visits, March of Dimes Mini-Walk, Yearbook, Fire Prevention Smokehouse, Carnival, Holiday Shows, Escape School Music Outreach, and more!

Public School 42 Staten Island