Public School 44

Thomas C. Brown School

On the western side of the North Shore of Staten Island, you can find Public School 44 which was built around 1927. This school is located at 80 Maple Parkway. In 2004, Public School 44 had added more classrooms to be able to house all of its students. This school also is known as the Thomas C. Brown School. Thomas C. Brown was a judge that resided in Staten Island’s Port Richmond neighborhood until his death in 1939.

Today this school holds classes for Pre-Kindergarten up until fifth grade. They also offer special education classes. Public School 44 offers some great programs and extracurricular activities for the kids. The programs include full day Pre-Kindergarten classes, English as a Second Language, Inquiry based science program, Saturday Academy, and after school tutoring programs. Their extracurricular activities include Y-Afterschool program, United Activities Unlimited Afterschool and night center, Weekly assembly programs, talent show, chorus, Step team, and more!

Public School 44 Staten Island

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