Public School 45

“Soaring to Success: Believe, Achieve, Succeed”

In the late 1920s Public School 45 was built on the North Shore of Staten Island. This school was built at its current location of 58 Lawrence Avenue. Public School 45 is also known as the John Tyler School, named after the tenth president of the United States. This school was named after him because John Tyler and his wife use to vacation at his wife’s mother home in West Brighton, which is now a landmark and is not far from the school itself.

Public School 45 offers a bunch of special programs and extracurricular activities along with the normal school day. This school has classes for Kindergarten up to fifth grade and has some special education classes, as well. Some of the programs the kids can look forward to are the Teachers’ College Reading and Writing Project, Library/Media Center, Balanced Literacy Program, and more. For the extracurricular activities, this school offers a hands-on art program, a music program for all grades but at different levels, and Latchkey.

Public School 45 Staten Island