"Young minds ready to GO!"

Public School 50, also known as the Frank Hankinson School, was built around the late 1950s. It was named after Frank Hankinson, a former assistant superintendent of Staten Island schools. Just one year after the school was opened, the Parks Department joined with the Board of Education and opened Clawson Playground for both students and local residents to enjoy. You can find this school in Staten Island’s Mid-Island section at 200 Adelaide Avenue.

Public School 50 serves students from Pre-Kindergarten up to the fifth grade. They also have separated special education classes and the Gifted & Talented Program for Kindergarten through third grade. This school pays attention to making sure their students are on the right reading level. They do this through their special programs of “Book of the Month” with Read Aloud activities, “Reading is Fundamental” for the third graders, and “Readers are Leaders” for the fourth graders. As for extracurricular activities for the students, there are after-school programs for sports, cheerleading, arts and crafts, cooking, chess, dance, and more!

Public School 50 Staten Island