Public School 56

“A Good Place to Learn and Grow”

Between about 1985 to 1997, there were no new schools constructed, until the Board of Education decided to open another school. Public School 56 opened in 1998 in the neighborhood of Rossville, at 250 Kramer Avenue. During the construction of the school, there were artifacts found on site from the Lenape Indian Tribe. During opening day of the school, the artifacts were given back to an American Indian representative. Public School 56 is also known as The Louis De Sario School, who was one of Staten Island’s School Superintendents and a representative for the New York City Board of Education.

Public School 56 holds classes for grades Kindergarten through fifth, as well as has some special education classes. This school also offers programs and extracurricular activities for the students after school.

Public School 56 Staten Island