Public School 58

"A Galaxy for Bright Stars!"

Space Shuttle Columbia School is a newer school that opened for the 2003 – 2004 school year. It is also known as Public School 58. This school sits at 77 Marsh Avenue in the Heartland Village neighborhood, across from the Staten Island Mall. The school was named in memory of the NASA Space Shuttle Columbia that had exploded on their return trip from space in 2003.

This school instructs children from Kindergarten up until the fifth grade, and offers mixed special education classes. They also offer English as a Second Language classes, peer mediation, Project Arts Initiative, School Student Leadership Program, and Latchkey programs for the students. Some of the extracurricular activities are Cheerleading, arts and crafts, sports, math enrichment, and I Squad—a student technology training and troubleshooting program.

Public School 58 Staten Island