Public School 71

William G. Wilcox and the Atlas Academy

Public School 71 is now the new P.S. 48 and will be housed at the old Doctor’s Hospital at 1050 Targee Street, in the neighborhood of Grasmere. Public School 48 was originally built around 1931 at 1055 Targee Street, but that will house the new Public School 9. Public School 71 is named the William G. Wilcox School for the elementary part of the school and the Atlas Academy for the middle school. William G. Wilcox was Staten Island’s first Board of Education president and resident of Staten Island’s Livingston neighborhood. The Atlas Academy was named after Teddy Atlas and his father Dr. Theodore Atlas. Teddy Atlas was a philanthropist on Staten Island and his father helped found Doctor’s Hospital in 1963.

This school offers classes from Kindergarten up until the eighth grade, as well as special education classes. Public School 71 offers programs for their students which consist of Speech and ERSSA counseling, Literacy and Math blocks, and more! Along with their normal school classes and programs, the students can also be involved in some extracurricular activities. These include Mentoring USA, Latchkey, “Strategies for Success”, and after-school clubs

Public School 71 Staten Island