Public School 8

“Children FIRST, HIGH Expectations, NO Excuses”

In 1892, the school's building for P.S.8 was constructed at School Street and Lindenwood Road, in the neighborhood of Great Kills. On March 22, 1916, the school was designated as the Great Kills, though the school was demolished and rebuilt the following year. Today, the address for Public School 8 is 112 Lindenwood Road. It was renamed as the Shirlee Solomon School, after an educational activist who lived in the neighborhood.

Public School 8 serves children from grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, and has special education classes. The school offers a variety of programs: chorus, band, Latch Key, girl scouts, cooking, and more.  There are also programs for reading, math, literature, and foreign languages. One of the rare programs that you can find here, and not at many other schools, is the Gifted and Talented Program. The motto for the school is “Children first, high expectations, no excuses”.

Public School 8 Staten Island