Samuel Ward Benedict

Samuel Ward Benedict was born in Danbury, Connecticut in 1798. Samuel was a direct descendent of Thomas Benedict, who was born in 1617 at Nottinghamshire, England.  

In 1818, Samuel worked in a watch and jewelry business in New York City. The business was first located on Broadway, at the corner of Maiden Lane. However, in 1835, he had to move the establishment to Wall Street, at the corner of William Street, due to a fire.

From Manhattan, he decided to have a business on Staten Island. In 1836, he had purchased the farms from Daniel Winant and Benjamin Brewster. These farms were located near Rossville. Benedict did not only open a business on this land, but built his family’s mansion.

The old family mansion stood at Winant Place, Charleston. At one time, it was one of the oldest houses in Staten Island. The mansion was built of rough stone and Dutch cement.

The mansion was burned in 1858. Although the house on the outside was built with strong concrete, the inside of the house was mostly wood. Benedict then built a new house on the same site.

In the springtime of 1882, he passed away. The farms that were once in his possession was left for his three sons.

One of the sons named Read Benedict was born in New York City but lived on Staten Island when the family moved. In 1856, he was married to Mary Winant, the daughter of Mark Winant of Rossville. The Winant family was one of the oldest settlers of Staten Island. Mark Winant’s father, Peter Winant, was one of the first members of Richmond County. He had served in the years of 1788, 1790 and 1791.

The residences of the Benedicts were situated between Manor Road and Jewett Avenue, Castleton Corners. However, in the 1800s, where the house stood was known as the village of New Brighton.

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