The Ward Family

The Ward family was originally from England. Andrew Ward, the first family member in the United States, settled in Massachusetts in 1634.

The Ward family was distinguished for their patriotism to the Colonies during the Revolutionary War.  Over the years, they were a politically active family and one member, Stephen Ward even rose to be Vice President of the United States.

Mansion built by Caleb Tompkins WardCaleb Tompkins Ward, the father of Albert Ward, came to Staten Island around 1820. Caleb built a magnificent home on Staten Island known as the Ward Mansion in 1835, with help from George B. David. The men built the home to resemble Greek Revival style, building the mansion out of stucco and brick. Caleb acquired the 250 acres of land for the mansion in 1826, after his uncle, Daniel D. Tompkins, Governor of New York, passed away.

This historical home is located at 141 Nixon Avenue in Ward Hill, Staten Island. From the mansion, there are views of the New York Harbor and metropolitan area. The home has a two-story tetrastyle portico and iconic columns. Today, Ward Mansion is one of the last "great" houses remaining on the North Shore from the 1800's. The mansion became a New York City Landmark in 1978 and on July 26th, 1982, was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Albert WardCaleb Ward's son, Albert Ward, studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1839.  He was well known for his ability, leading the Governor of New York to appoint him a judge in 1844.  

In 1846, Albert gave up his position as a judge because the new state constitution made the position elective and he had no interest in politics.

After relinquishing his judgeship, Albert focused his energy on business.  He had extensive holdings, and he was well known in financial circles of New York City.  He was a stockholder in the major financial institutions of his day: Fulton Bank, National Park Bank, Metropolitan Bank, Bank of America,  Bank of New York, Gallatin National Bank, United States Trust Company, Union Trust Company, New York Life Insurance, Trust Company, and Union Trust Company of Greenwich.

He had also served as president of the Arctic Insurance Company and as a director of numerous companies,

Ward was known for his sound advice and he was sought out for it.

In addition to his business life, he was distinguished for his devout religious beliefs. He was important to the life of his church. In 1853, he was appointed vestryman.

Albert Ward was married to Catherine Parker, who was known for her charity.  Albert and Catherine had four children in their marriage.

Albert Ward died in 1878, leaving a large estate and holding an important and continuing place in the history of Staten Island.

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