William H. J. Bodine

William H. J. BodineThe Bodine family is of Huguenot descent. The family's origin is French and three of the sons made their way to America after the massacre of St. Bartholomew in 1572. The branch of the family found their way to Staten Island shortly after, and of this branch was of William Bodine.

William H. J. Bodine was the third of nine children of Jacob Bodine and Johanna Houseman and was born on February 4th, 1821. William’s father was a businessman in Richmond County, which made him one of Staten Island’s important businessmen. Bodine inherited many substantial qualities from his father in which helped him instrument himself to become one of Staten Island's most successful business men.

In his early childhood, he lived in Castleton and was educated by private tutors. At the age of 13, he began working with his father in the family business. He remained in the business with his father until the age of twenty, when he moved on into commercial business. He carried his general business in building materials and fuel. Based on his management care and relationships, all his dealings were won and respected by the entire community.

Bodine was valuable in the Real Estate Business in West Brighton. He was also a stockholder and a director in the Richmond County Gas Company.  Earlier in his younger years, he was into politics. He has taken part in the Republican Party, which had entitled him to be one of the foremost men on Staten Island.

William Bodine had an honor of being president in the village of West Brighton for six years, working together with Francis G Shaw, Augustus Prentice, and James Simonton. Due to his long connection and living in Richmond County, he was able to take in every aggressive movement, which won him a lasting place in history.

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