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If you are looking for the neighborhood of Manor Heights you can look at the center of the following four neighborhoods: Willowbrook, Todt Hill, Castleton Corners, and Sea View. Manor Heights is loosely bounded by the Staten Island Expressway to the north, gainsvortblvd_400Laguardia Avenue to the east, Bradley Avenue to the west, and Manor Road and Brielle Avenue to the south. Even though it is not officially recorded, Manor Heights most likely received its name from the elevation of the area and the fact that Manor Road runs through the center of the neighborhood.

One of the more interesting facts about Manor Heights is that it held one of the last breweries on Staten Island. In 1852, Islander August Schmidt created a brewery on Manor Road called Constanz Brewery. The brewery stayed in operation under that name until 1875, when it was taken over by Monroe Eckstein. It then became known as Eckstein's Brewery until 1895, when Monroe Eckstein died. At that time, the brewery became known as Manor Brewery and stayed open until it was finally shut down for good during the Prohibition period in the 1920s. Today, the site on which the brewery was located is now a shopping plaza across from Schmidts Lane.

Before Staten Island became part of the City of New York in 1898, this area of the island was known as Middletown. During the twentieth century, real estate developers started to create developments with custom homes on Staten Island. Ole O. Odegaard was one of the many developers on Staten Island. He spent more than fifty years developing custom homes. Of the many homes that he had built, he helped develop the areas of what are now known as Willowbrook and Manor Heights.manorheightsdetached_400

If you are looking for some activities to do in Manor Heights, there are two parks for your convenience. The first is Sports Park, more commonly known as Staten Island Go-Karts or Staten Island Batting Cages and Mini Golf. This park holds many amenities for the whole family. There is a miniature golf course, batting cages, go karts, a roller-hockey rink, a snack bar, and a pro shop. This park is located at 215 Schmidts Lane and is only open during the spring and summer seasons. The second park is Toad Hall Playground. This park is located directly across the street from Sports Park, on Schmidts Lane. This park has a basketball court, handball courts, two play units, swings, and a spray shower. For your convenience, it also has benches, a drinking fountain, and a bathroom.

In Manor Heights, there are a bunch of public schools and even more private schools for kids to attend. The public elementary schools in this area are P.S. 54, at 1060 Willowbrook Road, and P.S. 29, at 1581 Victory Boulevard. There is just one public intermediate school in this area--I.S. 72, at 33 Ferndale Avenue. As for the public high schools there is Susan E. Wagner High School, at 1200 Manor Road, and CSI High School for International Studies, at 100 Essex Drive.

As for the private schools, there are a number of them for different age groups. There is the Elementary Bethel Christian Academy, at 910 Jewett Avenue, for pre-kindergarten to eighth grade; the Jewish Foundation School and the Rabbi Jacob Joseph School, at 400 Caswell Avenue, for pre-kindergarten to eighth grade; the Mesivta Kesser manorheightstownhomes_400Yisroel of Willowbrook High School, at 240 Woodward Avenue, for boys in grades nine through twelve; the St. John's Lutheran School, at 663 Manor Road, for pre-kindergarten to eighth grade; and the Yeshiva Mesivta Menachem High School, at 289 Harold Street, for boys in grades nine through twelve.

If you are looking for public transportation to get you around Staten Island, there is one bus that runs through Manor Heights and three other buses that run just outside the border of the neighborhood. The bus that runs through Manor Heights is the S54, which stops along Manor Road and runs from West Brighton to Eltingville. The other three buses are the S57, S61, and S91, which all make stops along Bradley Avenue. The S57 runs from Port Richmond to Oakwood Heights. The S61 and S91 both run from New Springville to the St. George Ferry Terminal, the only difference with these two buses is that the S61 is a local service bus and the S91 is a limited service bus.

Along with the public buses to get you around Staten Island, there are three express buses to take you intomanorhighranch_400 Manhattan. These express buses are the X10, X11, and X31. The X10 and X11 buses make stops along South Gannon Avenue and Schmidts Lane if you are going into Manhattan, and if you are coming back from Manhattan they stop along North Gannon Avenue. The X10 bus travels from Port Richmond to Midtown Manhattan, while the X11 bus travels from Travis to Lower Manhattan. The X31 bus travels from the Eltingville Transit Center to Midtown Manhattan. This bus makes stops along Bradley Avenue, going to or coming home from Manhattan.

If you have a car and drive around Staten Island, this area is conveniently located. It is close to the middle of the island and is right next to the Staten Island Expressway. From the Expressway, you have access to all four of the bridges connected to Staten Island.