Staten Island Neighborhood Profile: New Springville

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Homes in New SpringvilleBeing at the center of Staten Island, New Springville has often been the center of attention.  For years, however, the neighborhood was quite rural.  From chicken farms to farmer's markets, New Springville had it all.  In 1935, Ed McCormick began to develop the Staten Island Airport on 250 acres of land below Richmond Hill Road.  This airport opened in 1941 and was accompanied by a drive-in movie theater.  While this may have been a big change in scenery, the real development of the area did not occur until 1964.

The Staten Island Airport closed lasted until 1964, when McCormick's widow sold the land.  Within a year, a building was constructed which housed an E. J. Korvette department store. This store, much like today's Costco, which is also in New Springville, was a discount department store.  By 1980, the entire chain of discount stores declared bankruptcy; however, in 1970, a large parking lot and an equally large building were already being constructed for other purposes.  At this time, the drive-in movie theater had been removed and by 1973, the new building opened up as the Staten Island Mall, at 2655 Richmond Avenue.  "The Mall", as it is informally referred to by residents today, has become one of the most popular sites on Staten Island, being occupied by about 200 stores.

To the south of the Staten Island Mall, below Yukon Avenue, there is another shopping center.  The Richmond Shopping Center is occupied by such stores as K-Mart, a discount department store; Pathmark, a supermarket; and Golden's Deli.  Between these two shopping centers, along Platinum Avenue, there are a few more stores, including Best Buy, the electronics store, and Stop & Shop, another supermarket.  To the east, or "behind" the Staten Island Mall, there are a few eateries, such as Carrabba's Italian Grill, Outback Steakhouse, and Panera Bread, which is a bakery/café.  Below the Richmond Shopping Center, there is also a Costco, which is a warehouse club chain.  The K-Mart in the Richmond Shopping Center is scheduled to close by the beginning of 2012, however, so that a second Target may be opened in its place.Townhomes in New Springville, Staten Island

For years, the area of land below Rockland Avenue and above Richmond Hill Road was considered part of New Springville.  During the 1960's, however, houses began to be constructed in the neighborhood and by the 1980's, a residential community known as Heartland Village was developed in this little section of land.  The little community soon became known as its own little neighborhood, bearing the same name of Heartland Village.  You can find out more about this community on our website.

Due to the fact that the Staten Island Mall is in the vicinity, in addition to its being close to the center of Staten Island, there are a number of buses to catch that would be within walking distance of a home in New Springville.  There are three buses you may ride that travel along Richmond Avenue; the s44, which goes to the St. George Ferry Terminal or the Staten Island; the s59, which goes to Port Richmond or Tottenville; and the s79, which goes into Bay Ride, Brooklyn as well as to the Staten Island Mall.  Then, you have the s55, which takes Annadale Road to Rossville or the Staten Island Mall; the s56, which takes Hi Ranch Homes on Park drive North, New SpringvilleArthur Kill Road to Huguenot or the Staten Island Mall; and the s61, which takes Forest Hill Road to the St. George Ferry Terminal or the Staten Island Mall.  You also have the x17 and x31 express buses which take you into Manhattan.  If you plan on taking the x17, you may want to look up the schedule for that day, as the destination of the bus varies depending on the time and day.  It will take Richmond Avenue to the Goethals Bridge and go into either Lower or Midtown Manhattan.  The x31, on the other hand, is simple.  It takes Forest Hill Road to the Goethals Bridge, leading it into Midtown Manhattan.

While there may be a number of great schools in the New Springville community, you may want to check with your local public school to find out which schools you child may be zoned for.  Nonetheless, the public schools in the area are the Space Shuttle Columbia School, at 77 Marsh Avenue; P.S. 69, at 144 Keating Place; P.S. 26, at 4108 Victory Boulevard; I.S. 72, at 33 Ferndale Avenue; the Staten Island Residential Center, at 1133 Forest Hill Road; the McCown Expeditionary Learning School, at 100 Essex Drive; the College of Staten Island High School for International Studies, which is also at 100 Essex Drive; and Susan E. Wagner High School, at 1200 Manor Road.  The nearest Catholic schools are St. Patrick's School, at 3560 Richmond Road, and Moore Catholic High School, at 100 Merrill Avenue.  Another private school close to the neighborhood is the Rabbi Jacob Joseph School, at 400 Caswell Avenue.

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