Homes For Sale By Zip Code

We know that sometimes your zip code makes all the difference. It determines the schools your kids attend, the type of neighbors you have and what style of home you live in. In short, your zip code drastically affects your quality life. That's why displays listings based on zip, so you can find the homes for sale by zip code that are right for you.

Here is complete rundown of homes for sale by zip code, across Staten Island. This location-based search by zip code allows you to specify both individual neighborhoods and clusters of several neighborhoods if you're knowledgeable about Staten Island Zip.

Communities In Staten Island Zip Codes

Take a look at the following zip code guide to learn more about what great neighborhoods can be found in each area. With so many fantastic real estate options in Staten Island, we know there's a home that's perfect for you.

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  • 10301: Located in the northeastern tip of Staten Island, 10301 includes popular neighborhoods like St. George and Sunnyside.

  • 10302: This gorgeous northern region is small but pleasant, best known for being the home of Port Richmond and parts of Westerleigh.

  • 10303:10303 is part of northwestern portion of Staten Island along the coast. It hosts many great neighborhoods including Mariners Harbor, Arlington and Graniteville.

  • 10304: This popular zip starts along the northeastern point of Staten Island and then runs adjacent to 10305 and half of 10306. 10304 includes Stapleton, Todt Hill and many other affluent neighborhoods.

  • 10305: An eastern coastal community, 10305 includes neighborhoods like Rosebank, South Beach and Grant City.

  • 10306: This region picks up where 10305 ends, continuing down the eastern coastline to include New Dorp, Oakwood Beach and Richmond Town.

  • 10307: Located in the southwest outcropping of Staten Island, 10307 is a highly desirable and diverse real estate region, with the ever-loved Tottenville.

  • 10308: The small but pleasant 10308 zip code area encompasses the Great Kills community.

  • 10309: Found in the south of Staten Island, 10309 is home to great communities like Rossville, Pleasant Plains and Charleston.

  • 10310: This zip code welcomes you to the West New Brighton area, along the northern coastline.

  • 10312: The 10312 zip region is home to some of the best neighborhoods in all of Staten Island and includes Prince's Bay, Huguenot, Woodrow and Annadale.

  • 10314: Easily the largest of the zip codes, 10314 takes up most of the western coastline and central areas of Staten Island. Castleton Corners, Willowbrook, New Springville and Bloomfield can all be found here.

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