Earth day April 22nd! Which means we are on our rampage of earthly tips for you to partake in. Let us kick it off with this:

According to NASA scientist, indoor plants provide valuable fighting advantages against indoor air pollution. They absorb harmful gases and clean the air within your home. Here are a variety of plants you will want that will remove common chemical vapors and air toxins indoors!  

  • Aloe: This plant is very beneficial in many aspects. Besides being a healing plant, it also absorbs formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide, while increasing oxygen levels. 
  • Peace Lily: Having this plant in your home will greatly reduce chemical toxins in the air, especially ammonia. Pair the Peace Lily with a Snake Plant for better results. The Snake Plant offers broadcast protection.
  • English Ivy: Adding this plant to your home will reduce 60% of airborne mold and 58% of airborne feces.
  • Rubber Plant: While it removes toxins, such as formaldehyde, it also requires minimal lighting. This easy to care for plant will make the best fit for your home if you keep yourself active daily.
  • Spider Plant: These plants are a highly popular choice. Due to their size, they are perfect inside your house or even at your desk at work. They clean about 200 square feet of the air around them.
  • Daisies: If you are looking for more of a floral look, consider these daisies for your house. A Florist Daisy comes in several different colors. They bloom during the late summer into the fall and remove dozens of toxins. The Barberton Daisy is the type of daisy that works hard in cleaning up three different indoor pollutants.

Keep a clean and green home homeowner!

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