Gallup's Honest/Ethics in Professions rated real estate agents in the bottom tier of trustworthiness. Of roughly 1,000 respondents polled, only 20% rated real estate agents as honest/very honest.

Considering they have the keys to your place, this low trust factor is a big problem! Where does this low trust factor come from, and what can we do to dispel it? In this weekly live video streamed from Facebook, Anthony Licciardello is interviewed by correspondent Hannah Jay on what we are doing to establish trust with clients.

The main theme, according to the broker and co-owner of, is transparency. The cost associated with doing business can be quite steep for homeowners. "Is the agent actually worth what I'm paying them?" is a question that sellers often ask themselves, and this causes them to question their honesty.

Often, agents can't directly answer this question either. Because selling a home is done so infrequently, there is a lot of misinformation as to where costs are derived. In reality, an agent invests not only many hours selling each home, but many years networking and building the connections they need in order to bring in the right buyers. They also spend their own money too- on their own marketing through mailers or otherwise, professional real estate photography, catering for the open house, etc.

We also discuss some recent real estate news in Staten Island- the status of the New York Wheel (is it resuming or not?) and the closing of Gerardi's Farmer's Market on the North Shore. This topic got lots of engagement from our audience, so we hope it is valuable to you!

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